5 Reasons to switch to a Hybrid Vehicle

Years ago, the word associated with owning a hybrid or eco-friendly car was “snobbish.”  Now, the word association has been changed to “sensible.”When they first arrived in the marketplace, the cost of hybrid vehicleswas so high that only the truly affluent could afford them. The environmental benefits of hybrid vehicle technology took a back seat to the expense. Now, however, times have changed. The cost has come down a bit and, while eco-friendly cars cannot be considered inexpensive, they are becoming more reasonable for even the middle class. There are many factors driving this change.

First, the rising gas prices over the last few years have caused car buyers to rethink their stance on hybrids. While the initial cost of purchasing a hybrid might be higher than a car fueled by gasoline, the money saved by not buying gasoline wins the race in the long term. It can take between $75 and $100 today to fill the gas tank of a sports utility vehicle. Depending on how often a person drives that vehicle, that cost can multiply pretty quickly. When a person is filling up their gas tank three times a month and the cost of gas soars to $4 per gallon, the cost of hybrid vehicles does not seem so unreasonable.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, we have entered the “green era.” In general, people seem more concerned about the environment today than they have ever been before.

Construction companies are building “green” office buildings. Inside those buildings,recycling of paper, plastic and glass is encouraged. Even light bulbs have become more energy efficient. Water conservation techniques are observed throughout the nation during dry periods.

Within our very homes, recycling has become commonplace. Sanitation companies have made it quick and easy for home owners to recycle a variety of products without the hassle of toting items to an actual recycling center. Some home owners have even installed solar panels in their homes to provide a natural heating source.

It should be no surprise then that the way we travel has also switched gears. On television, local transportation companies implore viewers to consider public transfers by bus or train. Many cities have “bike-to-work” weeks and our highways have carpool lanes. It is certainly not a stretch of the imagination for someone who must drive that an eco-friendly car would be a consideration.

Enthusiasts agree that hybrid vehicle technology reduces the amount of harmful chemicals being released into the air through operation. According to hybrid-car.org, an eco-friendly car produces 90 percent less pollutants than a non-hybrid car. That’s a pretty big statistic to ignore.

Another reason to consider a switch to a hybrid goes back to the cost of hybrid vehicles. While hybrids do have expensive parts, they also have excellent warranties. They also have shown to have lower depreciation rates compared with gas-powered cars. As the demand for hybrid vehicle technology continues to climb, the hybrid’s value should remain high.

A new eco-friendly car owner can also expect great performance. While hybrid cars are typically smaller and have smaller engines, they produce excellent fuel economy. It is not unheard of for a hybrid with 250,000 miles on the engine to run like new.

If further incentive is needed to make the switch to a hybrid, consider this: The United States government provides federal tax credits to new owners of plug-in hybrids or electric cars.

It is clear that the environmental benefits and long-term savings stemmed from hybrid vehicle technology far outweigh the initial cost of hybrid vehicles. If the demand for these vehicles continues to rise, perhaps even that cost will come down as well.


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