Have a Green Wedding

10 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Green Wedding


Green weddings have become very popular over the past several years. With more people becoming aware of our environment and how the decisions we make impact our environment, many couples are choosing to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into their wedding plans. Here are ten tips to make your wedding more environmentally friendly.

1. Attire – For your wedding gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, groom and groomsmen attire think comfortable, loose, natural materials such as cotton or linen. Try to stay away from tuxedos, suits and dresses which will have to be dry cleaned. The chemicals in dry cleaning can damage the environment. If you can “reuse” a dress, do it! Try your mother or grandmother’s dress or shop at a vintage dress boutique.

2. Invitations – consider recycled materials, natural fibers, and unbleached paper. Another environmentally friendly option is to send invites via email. If that method is too informal for your affair, send invitations but consider not sending response cards, and have your invitations state to RSVP by phone or email. If you have many details to include with your invitations (such as directions) you may want to consider having a wedding website, and include the website address on your invites.

3. Flowers – a common misconception is that fake flowers are better for the environment. Consider how these faux beauties are produced; using glue and chemicals which are not environmentally friendly. Instead, plant wildflowers and freshly pick them for your day. If you prefer a more traditional look, purchase flowers from a local supplier or farm who can guarantee their flowers are pesticide-free and organically grown. Floral centerpieces can be small trees or plants which can be taken home by guests and cared for or planted.

4. Location / Setting – consider natural outdoor settings such as parks, nature preserves, botanical gardens, even private beaches. Check the local regulations for the area; some locations may require you to obtain a permit before your event. If you can not find an outdoor location for your wedding, schedule your wedding in the afternoon and find an indoor location with many windows which will allow natural light inside.

5. Menu – serve organic food and wine. Or perhaps a vegetarian or vegan menu. Organic food may be more costly, but it is better for the environment and healthier for your guests too. Serve dishes on reusable, washable plates, silverware and glasses.

6. Hire Classical Musicians – electricity can drain the environment too. Consider hiring a pianist, harpist, or other musicians which can play without the use of electric power.

7. Photography – have your photographer use digital photography and offer digital proofs. This way you can select which photos should be printed without having the photographer waste additional paper resources.

8. Transportation – arrange for car pools to get your guests to the wedding location. Consider being driven to the ceremony and reception in an eco-friendly hybrid car or horse drawn carriage.

9. Favors – give organic chocolates, wildflower seeds, or consider a donation to an eco-friendly charity. If you decide to give awedding favor, try to cut down on the packaging (it just produces waste) or purchase recycled boxes. You can also check out our selection of eco-friendly wedding favors.

10. Honeymoon – to cut down on fuel consider traveling to a local destination. If you must travel to a far away location stay at earth friendly hotels.


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