Some easy ways on Going Green in the Office

  1. Add a few plants

    Real plants (not the waxy plastic ones) make the workplace more attractive and also help absorb indoor air pollution.  The cleaner office air is, the healthier your employees will be.

  2. Consider the environment before printing

    One organization, the Sierra Club, asserts that just one office employee uses 10,000 pieces of copy paper every year.  If you don’t have to print something, don’t!

  3. Let your computer sleep

    Most people have a screen saver set up.  But did you know that a screen saver uses extra energy when you step away from your desk?  You can fix this by changing your settings; choose to let your computer ‘hibernate’ or ‘sleep’ when you’ve walked away for 10 or more minutes.

  4. Turn off the lights

    Of course it’s not healthy to be working in the dark, but if you’ve got a meeting or are leaving for your lunch break, dim the lights before you leave.  Conserving when possible is very important.

  5. Use an electronic to-do list

    I’m definitely someone who loves to write out my tasks on paper and cross each out as I accomplish it.  However, there are plenty of ways to electronically achieve the same thing so that no paper is wasted.  Smartphones and computers can be set up with digitized to-do lists. 


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