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Green Mothers Day Gifts

Green Mothers Day Gifts.


Green Mothers Day Gifts

Going green has become the focus of a new movement that has many people jumping aboard. If you have an eco-friendly mother who enjoys nothing more than nature and its beauty as well as all things organic, you might consider purchasing your mom some gifts that fit along with her green lifestyle. If you’re not really sure of what to get her, you will enjoy these simple but unique tips on finding the right gift for your eco-friendly mom.

Going Green Mother’s Day Tip #1 – Plants

We always assume that women love flowers, and chances are that your mom may fall into that category. If you are looking for a really nice but practical gift for your eco-friendly mother this Mother’s Day, then purchase some plants or flowers. If you’re looking to really impress your mom, make a day of planting flowers or plants. You can take your mother to a gardening center and have her pick out the types of flowers or plants that she would like.  You’ll be giving your mom a long lasting gift that will be sure to make her proud.

If your eco-friendly mom lives states away, then you can check out the Organic Bouquet and send some beautiful flowers right to her door.

Check in tomorrow for more Green Mothers Day gift Ideas. Think Green

Go Cardinals!

Green Week Fact: During the 2011 season, green team volunteers diverted over 535 tons of materials from local landfills! Learn more or get involved at

Great Link for a recycle project

Beginning Quilting Is A great Way To Recycle Old Clothes and Bedding.

Beginning quilting is a versatile way to recycle old clothes and bedding into new usable items

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Organic Beauty Products

A new study seems to say that we Americans haven’t bought into the hype over organic beauty products.

Despite the attention from the media and manufacturers, organic beauty care items still haven’t caught on, according to the TABS Group, a leading marketing research and consulting firm. “There is a significant gap between the hype and reality of consumer purchase behavior with regards to Organic products,” states TABS Group President and Founder, Dr. Kurt Jetta.

In the study, only 5% of respondents claimed to have purchased at least one organic skin care product within the past six months. Only 4% claimed to have purchased organic hair care, and just 3% purchased organic cosmetics.

By contrast, well over 70% of respondents claimed to have purchased non-organic beauty care products over the same period.

Are you buying organic beauty on a regular basis? If not, what’s holding you back?

Celebrate Earth Day April 22

This year, find a way to celebrate! Take notice of all that we HAVE to celebrate and no matter how small and insignificant your actions may seem, they matter… they add up… they make a difference…

Spring Cleaning

My Green Tips for Spring Cleaning

  • Using sponges and micro-fiber cloths instead of disposable paper towels;
  • Using natural cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, essential oils and borax, in place of toxic cleaners that include ammonia, bleach, phosphates, and other harmful corrosives;
  • Using tea tree oil as an antibacterial agent and grease solvent. Not only is this essential oil used as a health remedy for sores, cuts, and burns, but it can also be used to get rid of mold and mildew. Just a little dab will do, so use sparingly – a few drops at a time. (Available in health food stores and some drugstores);
  • Recycling the clutter in your home by donating it to a local thrift shop or joining Freecycle. The less cluttered your home is, the easier it will be to clean!