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Green Travel

Have you thought on ways to travel green? One of the first things to look at is They are committed to creating green travel initiatives that address environmental and social concerns. You can make a big difference in the places you visit with just a few small green travel steps. There are Green Hotels, check them out on Expedia. Also explore your transportation options. Rent a Hybrid if you dont already have one. Traveling affects the environment. Pack Light, don’t use plastics bags that you are just going to throw away.
See what Mother Nature has to offer, experience National Parks and camping. Buy local products and services. Until next time, safe travels and Go Green!

Spring is here!…

Spring is here! That means spring break for many families, looking for some fun green activities? Look no further. My favorite is starting a vegetable garden.  Your kids will love picking out what they want to grow, planting, and watching the results of the growing process. Another favorite of mine is getting some bins or containers and let your kids have fun decorating them, paint, coloring, markers,etc. Use them for trash, paper, glass, and aluminum. Build a bird feeder together.
 Kids are interested in things they see as important to them. Make it a lifestyle change, Get them involved, set Examples. Have fun with it. If your going on vacation ask yourself “How Green is my Travel?” Check in next time for some great tips.

Goooo Green!

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Save the Planet, use this, don’t use that, try this, try that, Sounds  Overwhelming? Its doesn’t have to be. Remember Going Green is not something you do overnight, its a process, and its okay to make small changes at a time. Where to start? Start at home and at the work place. Have fun with it, get everyone involved, include your children.
I would suggest starting with some small changes and sticking to them. You are making big differences by washing your clothes in cold water, turning off lights and electronics when not in use, consider cloth diapers and cloth grocery bags you can reuse, start using some green cleaning products, go to a local fruit and vegetable stand. Most importantly Recycle! Just recycling a single aluminum can can run a TV for three hours!
 Until next time….Give Green a chance.